Utah's Own Gypsy Cobs

We are pleased to breed a small number of Gypsy Cobs in Wallsburg Utah. These unique horses are bred on site and raised in an open environment with an abundance of human contact.

The Gypsy Cob (USA and UK), also known as a Gypsy Vanner (USA), Coloured Cob (UK), Irish Cob, or "Tinker Horse", is a breed of horse which is usually of Tobiano coloring and has many draft horse characteristics. It is believed that the Gypsy Cobs are descended from a combination of Shires, Clydesdales, Friesians, and Dales Ponies with their origins in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Two most common colors of gypsy cob are piebald and skewbald, two variations of pinto coloring. The typical Gypsy Cob is known for an abundance of hair and "feather" (long hair starting at the cannon bone and flowing down over the hooves).Their build is powerful and compact, with a short neck and back. Gypsy Cobs also have excellent endurance, and should be able to go long distances without tiring.

Gypsy horses are very versatile, they can be used for riding English style, Western style, as well as for driving. They are known for their sweet, loving nature and to keep this strong in their breeding, the Gypsies who originally bred them would sell horses who didn't display this nature.